Chamberlain School

Chamberlain School – is a school for children aged from 7-18 years old, who want to spend more time on the stable, learn new skills with horses, and be able to work in a team, become more responsible, independent and confident.

First of all, we want the children, who come to our club, to learn how to understand the horse and understand what does it mean, to build a friendship on sincere emotions and feelings. In this case, it will not matter whether this becomes their profession, stays a hobby, or is just a stage of their live, because true friendship with a horse, will only bring the best out of us.

Chamberlain Team

A special atmosphere is born in Chamberlain School, which allows students to communicate and develop within a team of like-minded people and perceive the horse as a friend – responsibly, because discipline, hard work and keenness, is vital for them, while working with horses

In the School, we highly appreciate team spirit and willingness to help, and attitude to learning, progress, and creativity is highly remarked. This allows children of any age and skill to participate in all the activities together and therefore, communicate with other age groups.

Chamberlain School – is three different Houses (groups of people), that are named after horse breeds: Andalusians, Friesians, Hannoveraners. Each House has its own name, symbolism, housemasters, school uniform and traditions. The points each House gets in the end of an academic term or year, depend on all the members of the House.

We try to encourage all our students to spend more time with the horses, and within their community, and always help each other out. Together, we train and care after the horses at our club, put on plays and shows, organise trips to interesting stables, horse shows, horse museums around the world, so we can get new knowledge and inspiration together.

On practice, our students get to learn about Natural Horsemanship, the methods we use, when training horses. We do not use harsh punishments, bits, and our goal is to work with the horse in such a way, that it agrees with us and our suggestions. Together with our students, we build our work with the horses on trust and understanding.

In Chamberlain School, we also organise specialised lessons with horses, for the ones who want to get to know even more about horses. As well as that, the students have an opportunity to spend the whole day on the stable, help other trainers, and independently work with some horses, if they have enough skill.

Our horses, live in conditions, that are very close to natural conditions in the wild. We look into how to correctly organise the “Paddock Paradise”, a healthy and balanced diet for the horses, dental care (following Natural Balanced Dentistry) and hoof care (following Natural Trim). With our students we learn lots about horse care, during theoretical lessons and in practice and to make understanding easier and faster we work on various projects that are connected to this theme.

In our school, we also organised a “Professional Horse Theatre Studio” and activities such as Archery and Poi juggling. All of this helps develop the children’s an adults’ creative potential. Together with them, we work to train horses-actors, and put on shows and performances with horses.

For information:
Poi juggling - Poi juggling refers to both a style of performing art and the equipment used for engaging in poi performance. As a performance art, poi juggling involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. Poi artists may also sing or dance while swinging their poi. Poi can be made from various materials with different handles, weights, and effects (such as fire).