Horse maintenance

In Chamberlain Country Club, all the animals live in conditions that are very close to those in the wild, and we constantly look into how to make them even more natural. 50 horses live in our herd, in the “Paddock Paradise” and are healthy, balanced and have great social lives in their own small families, groups and herds.

We create ideal conditions for our animals to live in and are happy to offer professional care and maintenance to your horses too.

Here are some of the advantages of keeping your horse in our club.

The stable

  • 3 sparse, ventilated stables with large stalls 4m x 4m, 4m x 8m and 4m x 16m
  • Self-filling water bowls with auto heating in the winter
  • Sawdust bedding
  • Individually selected feeding rituals for each horse, with adjusted amounts of food and different supplements or vitamins, which created by our veterinarian and agreed upon with the owner of the horse
  • Planned veterinary activities like vaccination and deworming are included into the price
  • Washing place with running hot water
  • Special solarium for drying horses or rehabilitating their backs, with a changing height and its own timer
  • A swimming pool for horses
  • A unique circular walking machine for morning trainings with a round training arena inside
  • Web-cameras in every stall, for the horses’ safety
  • Our own vet-clinic with equipment for diagnostics and treatments, and the opportunity to rehabilitate horses after complex clinical cases

A variety of different arenas for training horses

  • An indoor arena 25 x 65 m, with specialised sand, German technologies, automatic watering system, professional sound and lighting technology, and a screen with a projector
  • An outdoor arena 130 x 70 m, with an automatic watering system and professional drainage system
  • A full obstacle set for show jumping, and dressage
  • An arena for horse agility with various interesting obstacles
  • An open picadero 10 x 30 m
  • An indoor round pen
  • A themed Western trail arena for Western lessons and training with horses

All the equipment has come from some of the world’s best companies that make equipment for horse arenas

A variety of paddocks for horses

  • Three different “Paddock Paradises” for our three main herds
  • Four standard square paddocks for separate paddocking
  • A rehabilitation and isolation paddock with its own stall