Natural Horsemanship

Modern communication methods between horses and humans which we use in our club

The most essential quality for good team is trust

Dina Kaplan

In Chamberlain Country Club, we holistically think about our horses, their training, health and their social life. We use a system called Natural Horsemanship when training our horses, and when teaching our School and Camp students. Not only do we not use bits, horseshoes, and harsh punishments, we also do not ride on our horses, and do not teach horse riding.

Natural Horsemanship is a method of work with horses that is strongly built on understanding and trust, between the horse and the human. A horse, that truly trusts its trainer, can demonstrate incredible skills and abilities that are given to it by its nature.

You do not need strong means of influence, to ask the horse to do something, and often the work involves liberty with horses.

The system is based on understanding the psychology and physiology of the horse, and therefore includes a variety of practical and theoretical work, to understand how to correctly train the horse. You will need to gain knowledge and study about hippology, maintenance and training.

Following this method, you will be able to build a strong friendship with the horse and achieve incredible things.