Spaces for rent

Chamberlain Country Club has all the best conveniences for organising any types of events from birthdays to large shows or exhibitions, and all the organisation can be fully handed over to us. There is professional sound and light-music equipment around our locations, for best comfort and effectiveness.

Various locations on the territory of our club can be used for many different purposes, such as lessons in the Chamberlain School and Camp, a peaceful family celebration, a photo exhibition or a large business event. Below are the different types of events that could be held at our club, and the locations that could be used.

Kid’s celebrations – Chamberlain Restaurant, Chamberlain Eco-Café, Kid’s playgrounds, Sports fields, Park, Western Trail Site

Business events – Chamberlain Restaurant, Lounge Bar, Chamberlain Hall, Chamberlain outdoor and indoor arenas

Family celebrations – Chamberlain Restaurant, Lounge Bar, Chamberlain Eco-Café, Park

Family holidays or vacations – Guest houses, Chamberlain SPA, Chamberlain Gym, Chamberlain Eco-Café, Lounge Bar, Sports fields, fire place

Large-scaled events (such as photo exhibitions) – Chamberlain indoor and outdoor arenas, Western Trail site, Guest houses, open air hall, Chamberlain Hall

Big-scaled celebrations (such as birthdays for more than 70 people) – Outdoor arenas, Western Trail site

Tourist programs – Park, Chamberlain Restaurant, Lounge Bar, Western Trail Site, Chamberlain Eco-Café, outdoor arena

Team buildings – Chamberlain hall, Chamberlain Restaurant, Lounge Bar, park, Western Trail site, fire place, camp house, Chamberlain indoor and outdoor arena

Weddings – Chamberlain indoor and outdoor arenas, Western Trail Site, park, Chamberlain Restaurant

We are open to organising events that might not be listed above too.